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Day: March 22, 2019

Have the Newest Technology of Phone Bill Casino

Have the Newest Technology of Phone Bill Casino

There are new and fast ways that are used to fund a casino account which you will be using to bet on certain games using your smartphone.

For now, many different online casinos come with the option to offer a payment method of funding the account by making debits and then charging it to the monthly phone bill. This will work in such a way that you can purchase applications and music on the smartphone. You don’t have mention the sensitive details like that of your credit card or account details before buying anything, you can just mark the same to the monthly phone bill.

The biggest advantage of making deposits on mobile casino games using your phone bill is the speed and security you can get through Deposit by phone bill casino online. You can deposit your valuable money to the account, and this can happen in minutes with some minimal effort. There will include a text that will be sent to your smartphone, and by replying, you will be confirming the transfer.

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The process of Deposit by phone bill casino:

For anyone selecting the option to make deposits of a bill, the process of completion requires you to confirm the transaction using your phone. This brings security to your deposits and bill payment. There is, however, a desperate need to maintain the minimum amount that is required to make a deposit per day. This means that if anyone is looking to have some larger session, he or she will be unable to do so via the payment methods. Some of the mobile casinos do not allow a person to claim the deposit bonus and if anyone is normally looking to claim some sort of bonuses from mobile casinos, you have to ensure that you read the fine print and check if the pay by mobile does not qualify for the bonus.

If you know that it doesn’t qualify for the bonus, you have to simply deposit the amount via any card that is accepted for the payment methods. In the last cashing out, you cannot withdraw any money back to the phone bill. Instead of this, you have to add any bank detail that is accepted for payment via bank transfer.

This is an easy way to deposit money, and all players have access to this method of payment.

Play Live Dealer Blackjack And Earn Money Easily

Play Live Dealer Blackjack And Earn Money Easily

Among various casino games, blackjack and roulette games play a major role among the present-day players. Live Dealer Blackjack is a much familiar one among gambling players. Not only is a welcome bonus offered by the casino houses but also, many other bonuses are offered by the casino houses for the members. Such kinds of blackjack bonuses are offered to the players to encourage them to play and invest more. Also, bonuses are given to lure customers. Sometimes, these bonuses are offered to the players to make them stick with the same casino. To retain the customer list, bonuses are offered as some discount and offers. Such kinds of casino bonuses could be used by the player to play more or even could be withdrawn. The bonus offered to the existing customers to retain them is the loyalty bonus. Another bonus is the monthly bonus. Some online gaming websites offer bonus monthly depending on the frequency of the player playing games on their website and also depending on the amount invested by the player. The monthly bonuses are deposited in the accounts of the existing players every month without any claim.

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The blackjack gaming bonuses are added to the amount in the accounts of the players. Players of the blackjack game could withdraw the bonuses if they wish. Some of the present-day blackjack gaming websites offer the review of the bonus percentages offered by online casinos and the games offered for that bonus. Numerous gaming reviews are also available in various online sources that mention the blackjack games offered in that casino gaming website. Such kinds of gaming sources also give reviews about the winning percentages of the game. The player would be informed all about the game and the gaming casino in the form of a review. Apart from using apps, there are some other kinds of games like live dealer blackjack games, where the dealer runs the game in real-time through a video. Players can see the live stream and can place the bet accordingly. But the dealer needs to invest heavily for this kind of online casino as they require a lot of investment in technology and manpower to run cameras. Compared to this, the running cost of another form of online casino games such as virtual gaming is very low. Hence, only a handful of blackjack game dealers uses live streaming games.